Friday, 13 July 2012

Unable To Resolve Content Distributor

I have been getting the error 'Unable to Resolve Content Distributor' when I run the Sharepoint product configuration wizard. When I googled most of the places it is given to change the content distributor in your search service application port number to 13390 instead of 13391. But my SSA was working perfectly with the 13391, so it was not an issue.

Follow the below steps and make sure your configuration is appropriate.

  1. Ping-SPEnterpriseSearchContentService -HostName hostname:portnumber
     This will display the certificates used by the service. Make sure the connectionsuccess status for the FASTSearchCert is 'True'. If it is set to false you need to install it again using 
    SecureFASTSearchConnector.ps1 script. Refer my post here.
  2. create and re-install the MOSS_STS.cer again. Execute the below commands in sharepoint management shell.

    $stsCert = (Get-SPSecurityTokenServiceConfig).LocalLoginProvider.SigningCertificate
    $stsCert.Export("cert") | Set-Content -encoding byte MOSS_STS.cer

    This will generate the certificate in the folder where you executed the command. Install this certificate using the  InstallSTSCertificateForClaims.ps1. It is located under "%FASTSearch%\Installer\scripts" folder

    InstallSTSCertificateForClaims.ps1 -certPath "certificate_path\MOSS_STS.cer"
This steps resolved my issue !

I Hope this article was informative. Happy Sharepointing !

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