Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Creating and Configuring Machine Translation Service in SharePoint 2013

To Use the Machine Translation service to create the multi-language feature of SharePoint 2013 we need to first make the ‘Machine Translation Service’ up and running in your farm.

So this article will outline on creating and configuring the machine translation service for SharePoint and in the next article I will outline the steps to create a multi-language site.

Creating Machine Translation Service

Open Central Administration, go to Application Management section, and choose Manage service applications.

On the ribbon, choose New, and then choose Machine Translation Service.

On the next page type a name for the service application and fill in the details as shown in the screens below

Select the check box near 'Add this service application's proxy to the farm's default proxy list.' and verify the database name, and click ok.

Configuring Translation Machine Service

Click on the ‘Machine Translation Service’ we just created, under the ‘Manage Service Applications’ in Central Administration

In the Machine Translation Service Screen, there is a section called ‘Enabled File Extensions’. It depicts the file extension for which the translation is enabled. Uncheck the checkbox for the file extension for which you want to disable translation

In the Item Size Limits section,
Maximum file size for binary files in KB. Microsoft Word documents are binary files:  51200
Maximum file size for text files in KB. Plain-text, HTML, and XLIFF documents are text files:  5120
Maximum character count for Microsoft Word documents:  500000

In the Online Translation Connection,
Under Web proxy server, select the check box for 'Use default internet settings' to use the default proxy settings to connect Internet or specify the port in the 'Use the proxy specified'

In Rest of the section fill the following details,
Translation processes:  1
Frequency with which to start translations (minutes): 15
Number of translations to start (per translation process): 200
Maximum translation attempts:  2
Maximum number of synchronous translation requests (per server): 10
Maximum number of items which can be queued within a 24-hour period: No Limit
Maximum number of items which can be queued within a 24-hour period per site subscription: No Limit
Expiration time for completed job history (days):  7 Days
Recycle threshold:   100
Disable Office 97-2003 Document scanning? No

And click on ‘Ok’